Here’s a list of things you’ve learned on this 5 days so far:

  • Ask, ask, ask. (But don’t ask the same thing more than two things ’cause otherwise they’re going to think you’re slow. 
  • It won’t hurt if you start to make conversation and smile at your co-workers. You see there are cool people there and hey, what’s the worst that could happen if you talk to them? You’ll never know. 
  • Double-check every presentation you make. But conscious-ish. Don’t just look at grammar. You should look for the mistakes in the art design and make sure everything is going according to how the client wants it. 
  • Write down everything. 
  • Put the important days in the calendar in your computer. 
  • Don’t get lazy. Don’t just stand there, do something. (Please please please). 
  • Look it up if you feel like you’re bothering too much. So what if maybe you still can’t use a Mac or what if you’re still afraid to use the Pipe. If you want to know more about it, there’s tons of tutorials there. Auto-studying is important, or so your boss said. 
  • When you’re shooting something, make sure every product is in order and ready to film. 
  • When you feel like you’ve already done all the things you’ve had to do, ask your boss: “what else can I do?” (this is actually a friend’s advice, don’t know how the fuck i’ll do that). 
  • Give your best, don’t settle. Don’t say “I can’t do this”. Just try your best and that’s it.

So pretty much just stop being fucking lazy and start doing. This is it, Key. This is what you’ve been waiting for a long time. And don’t let yourself ruin this. 

(I won’t). 


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